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  • Library: where you can discuss policies, guides & blogs from the RadHR Library. This can include asking question about policies, collaborating on adapting policies to your organisations’ needs
    Requests: Where you can request policies and other resources from community members, maybe ones you haven’t found in the library.
  • Themes: Where you can explore questions & issues emerging from this work. This might include exploring how to create the culture necessary for a particular policy or process to work.
  • General: For general discussion and anything that doesn’t fit elsewhere.
  • Feedback: Give feedback on the RadHR library and community.
  • Community: Where all of the community guidelines, FAQs and policies live.

And also have a quick read of the following sections…

Community Guidelines

We want to maintain some community standards around how we all engage with this forum. We know these issues are close to home for a lot of us, and discussions around them can get heated. But we also reckon that members of this community are still keen to try to work from a baseline of mutual respect for one another. We probably haven’t ended up here if we haven’t been working to make these kinds of alternative policies and practices work in our groups. None of us have all the answers—to move towards the new understandings we’re seeking we need each other. So let’s try to see our disagreements as ways to build our collective knowledge. Let’s start from assuming good faith in one another, even when we disagree with how someone else defines ‘radical’ in their context! Read our Community Guidelines.

Community Moderation & Safety

We aim to maintain an open and collective approach to moderation, which we will continue to develop together as the community grows. We are also committed to minimising any harm that members might face while taking part in the RadHR community. Read our Community Moderation Policy and Community Safety Practices & Recommendations.

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