About the Requests category

Ask for resources you can’t find in the RadHR library.

A. How to make a request

1. You must be signed-up / logged-in to make a request.

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2. Once you’re logged in, a New Discussion button will appear, Click it!

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3. At the bottom of the screen, a pop-up will then appear…

4. Edit the suggested text to meet your needs, and click Create to post it!

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5. All done, fingers crossed someone has what you need…

B. What expect when you make a request

Your request goes to the RadHR community, and as part of that, the RadHR staff team. As team members, the majority of policies we know about are in the library already, but we will do what we can to help you find a policy that is something like what you’re looking for.

However, we can’t promise anything, and as the community gets going this year, we recommend not to expect instant replies and quick results.

What makes RadHR great is everyone working together to help out and share resources. So even if circumstances mean you need something quick, we recommend posting here anyway, because a) you never know how quickly people might respond, and b) even if it takes longer than your timeframe to find something, that might be useful to other community members in future.