Co-management processes?

I’m aware of some very small groups (2-4 people) where collective management is done by full consensus at regular meetings on basically everything, and manages to work fairly well for collective decision making, but less-so for 121 support.

I’m broadly aware of a ‘circular’ approach to co-management, in which one coop member is supported by a second coop member, and then serves to support a third coop member, who in turn, supports the 2nd member, doing both work planning/accountability, and 121/pastoral support.

I’m also aware of very project-based co-management models, that let each smaller group or individual member define their own systems, with wider forum in which project groups gain assent for their project aims (and potentially budget) from a wider group, but essentially self-manage within that project.

I’m also aware of external staff support roles in which 121/pastoral support is available to each member, via an external person who has no authority over them, but understands their work and can talk through thorny questions with them.

I haven’t seen many of these models written up anywhere. Lots of groups seem to be looking for them. Anyone got a written-up process that they’d be happy posting?

We don’t have a specific process to share but am following with interest! Feels really tricky to navigate.

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I wonder if @Mari_Gastivists might have some things to share here? I’d forgotten at the meeting Mari hosted last month on exactly this topic, that I’d posted this comment here earlier. I imagine several of the groups that attended and shared might be up for sharing their versions of co-management processes here and in the library?

Hi there!
Our peer-to-peer feedback policy is now here ;).