Working Agreement/Contract for paid work within collective

**I’m looking for a Working Agreement/Contract for small peices of work undertaken by members of our project. Its important its not an overly heavy document, needs to be accessible, but cover everyone’s rights and expectations clearly.

My group/organisation focuses on poverty as a human rights violation, bringing together lived and learnt expertise as we cmapaing for change. We want to centre care and support of activists (paid and unpaid) as we work to transfer power within our movement. We are developing a membership-based structure. We have 20 active members and/or staff. The majority of our members/staff are community activists with direct experience of poverty and human rights violations in the UK . Our annual turnover is 0-50k.


Hi there
Thanks so much for this post. Your organisation sounds amazing - would love to hear more about it and about how you work.
Just to make sure you get the most relevant feedback from us and others on your question - just wanted to clarify a little bit about what you mean in terms of working agreement/contact. Is that for members who are not staff, but do some bits of paid ‘freelance’ work for the org?

Hi Kiran

Thanks for your email.

Yes, GRIPP doesn’t have any staff. We are a collective of organisations and individuals that form a Partnership but we don’t have a legal status as yet (though we have funds amazingly!). At times individuals or organisations take on elements of the work of GRIPP so we need a template Working Agreement or Contract – though someone has suggested a Memorandum of Understanding may work better as GRIPP doesn’t exist as such it can enter into a legal contract as such.

Any thoughts you have would be gratefully received.

Many thanks