Wellbeing and accessibility policies

Hello community

We are a small coop/collective of trainers and facilitators and we are based in Scotland.

I’m looking for examples of internal policies on care and wellbeing , or a practical guide/framework document that could be used to ensure that the systems and structures of an organisation are caring, I guess? The question we are trying to answer is how to ensure that our culture, ways of working, systems and structures are caring and acessible .

I really appreciate any help you can provide.


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Thanks for posting, @Venus!

This policy, which includes a lot more practical stuff (counselling subsidies, different types of leave, absence planning, time off and overwork) comes to mind.

There’s also a range of different types of care policies in the library, in case any of those are useful?

This template ‘maintenance meeting agenda’ might be useful, too? Or similarly, this ‘Team dynamics and tension shifting meeting’ template could be helpful too?

Are these the kinda things you were thinking about?