We want to see your governing docs!

I’m looking for some examples of how to work with trustee boards / steering groups / lived experience advisory boards / membership groups! Ideally ones which are premised on making decisions collaboratively and are anti-heirarchical.

My group/organisation focuses on policing and protest. We have a flat structure with two paid staff and a small, hands-on steering group of volunteers. Our annual turnover is 0-50k. We’re looking to redefine how our steering group operates, and get clearer on who has organisational / employer responsibilities (e.g. HR, finance, operation stuff) for our group and where decision making power and political direction / accountability to a wider movement lies. We’d love to see job descriptions for your board members, terms of refernce for your steering groups, and any governing docs you have to share! We’d also love to hear what’s working and what isn’t about your models to help us redesign our own.