Training around the risks of using artificial intelligence

**I’m looking for training around the risks of using artificial intelligence, it appears to be a good tool to use, but we are also concerned about what consequences of using it, around ethics and privacy.

Has anyone done some thinking on this and come across something useful that you could share?

Hello! At fractals co-op we don’t have a training offering just yet, but this is something we could put together. We were approached by a charity last year and Kieran chatted quite pragmatically about the currently realities and risks of AI in charity work, AI trends, risks around data use/reuse, and a few other key issues. Right now, we’re not in a position to run the training, as we’d need to do horizon scanning and research for such training. We estimated It’s probably 3-5 days of work for us to put together and run training, as we’d be starting from scratch.

Happy to have a chat if you’d like.


Hi @Oliver_Bates, thanks for reaching out. Yes, I’d be up for progressing this, I’ll email fractals co-op with the request.

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