Hello Everyone!
Would you be able to share your sabbatical policies with me?
I am interested in knowing:

  • What is the minimum length of service to qualify?
  • What is the maximum length of time you offer?
  • Are they paid/part paid?
  • Do you accrue annual leave or pension requirement?
  • Are there requirements on return - golden handcuffs?

Any thoughts/suggestions much appreciated!

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Don’t seem to be able to upload ours but it is five years service, 12 months maximum off, and unpaid. No requirements on return!

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Good reminder that there are several Campaign Against Arms Trade policies we haven’t uploaded, but which could be in the library. Here’s their sabbatical one:

We will be ratifying this policy in the coming weeks. All our benefits changes require all staff consensus. We really wanted to reward and acknowledge people before five years which was our old policy.

  • The objective of sabbatical leave is to increase the individual’s value to Headwaters and to allow time to rest, relax, and renew.
  • While on sabbatical leave, the employee will earn their full salary.
  • Medical, dental, and long-term disability benefits continue through sabbatical leave.
  • The employee must request sabbatical leave at least six months prior to the proposed leave date. The President and appropriate supervisor must approve the request.
  • The sabbatical leave may be taken during any of the next three years of employment.
  • The employee will make a good faith commitment to return to Headwaters for at least one year following sabbatical leave.
  • Unused sabbatical leave may not be rolled over to the next sabbatical period.

Leave Eligibility:

  1. Employees are eligible for a three-week (96 hours) sabbatical leave after three years.
  2. Employees are eligible for a six-week (192 hours) sabbatical leave after six years.
  3. Employees are eligible for a nine-week (288 hours) sabbatical leave after nine years.
  4. Employees are eligible for a twelve-week (384 hours) sabbatical leave after twelve years.