Rad Talent?

I’m looking for a Talent which incorporates really good thinking on equity and inclusion.

My organisation focuses on Higher Education. We have a hierarchical structure and a large staff group of 15K. Talent work is fairly new and so I think is a great chance to build with EDI in mind, so searching for ideas, inspiration of orgs doing it differently that avoids the traditional 9-box grid and the like.

Hi Kate,
Thanks so much for your question. Just wondered if you could share any more detail on what you might like to do differently? Definitely see why you’d want to avoid the 9-box grid(!) but just wondering if there any particular principles/understandings you hoping to challenge or build into your work? (As most of the orgs on here won’t be anywhere near the size of yours, but somemight be able to provide some useful broader frameworks with bit more of a steer on what you’re looking for). Thanks again for the question!