I'm looking for a depreciation policy for using personal equipment at work

Looking for a personal deprecation policy, in our coop we mostly use laptops that belong to the organisation but a few folks use personal kit for there work. Recently a cople of peoples personal laptops went wrong in ways that was quite pricey and i was wondering if there was a policy that covers that kind of depreciation.

It needs to be fair if you do or dont use personal equipment and tied to the value of the equipment and its use. e.g. laptop that is used daily would be a different rate to a say a very expensive video camera used once a month.

Our coop focuses on local media. We have a flat structure. We have 10 active members and/or staff, but also a fair few freelancers.


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Hi Matt,
Do you mean depreciation in terms of accounting? If so:
Couple of issues:

  1. Repairs are basically not capitalised, so you can’t depreciate them
  2. If equipment is owned by individuals the Cable cannot capitalise it
    But it is kind of sounding like you actually mean something other than depreciation.