I am looking for a mobile device policy that covers BYOD and devices for work for specific roles e.g. safeguarding

**I’m looking for a mobile devices policy incorporating BYOD and work-based devices for specific roles such as safeguarding or youth work.

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Hi Nicola,

Thanks for posting! Just wanted to check in and get a bit more detail about what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a standard safeguarding policy which covers out-of-office work and mobile communications particularly with young people? Or do you already have examples of those and are looking for something different?

Dear Kiran
Thank you so much for getting in touch and I appreciate it. We have a variety of mobile devices, including mobile phones as follows:

  • We have team members using their own devices, such as mobile phones (so we need a BYOD policy)
  • We have work-bought mobile phones which need to be kept separate from home devices (so we need some rules to keep these safe, e.g. password, not using public networks etc.)
  • We have mobile phones that are work mobile phones and needed for safeguarding reasons, e.g. our safeguarding officer and our youth workers (so for these, as you suggested we also need this to cover a standard safeguarding policy which covers out-of-office work and mobile communications, particularly with young people).
    Do you have any examples you could share with me?

Best wishes

Nicola Pulman

Director / Cyfarwyddwr


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Hi Nicola,

No worries! In terms of BYOD policies, not sure if I know any I’m afraid.
In terms of standard mobile/online youth work policies, might be worth just having a look at UK Youth’s Digital Youth Work Guide and Youth Work Wales’ Mobile Provision Handbook.

From my own youth work experience (many years ago, though!), there are some more complex questions that can arise (in terms of safeguarding more broadly, and mobile/online safeguarding in particular) if you’re thinking about how to work with young people in ways that feel more collaborative and less top-down (e.g. around negotiating boundaries and non-punitive ways of dealing with ‘transgressions’). Afraid we don’t have any mobile specific policies which engage with these areas on RadHR, but it might be worth looking at
Voice of Youth’s general safeguarding policyand Maslaha’s Radical Safeguarding Guide if you want to engage with some more ‘radical’ safeguarding principles in general.

Dear Kiran
Thank you for providing all these links to resources. I had a quick look over and the Digital Youth Guide looks particularly useful.
Best wishes

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