Equitable Promotions

**I’m looking for an equitable promotion policy and protocol which addresses the power dynamic of the decision-makers of advancement/promotion hold the cards while those most in need of promotion do not.

My group/organisation focuses on ____ (Our mission and values are based in updating and innovation traditional hierarchies that determine workplace policies and culture, and giving marginalised communities a fair chance) .**

We just reworked our internal hiring/promotion process. It gives an opportunity for a supervisor to nominate someone and an opportunity for an employee to throw their hat in.

Internal Promotion or Transition to a New Role

  • Supervisors should consider an employee for promotion if/when:
    • A new job opening is posted and there is a strong internal candidate (either within or across departments)
    • An employee has consistently strong performance in annual reviews, and they are ready to take on additional responsibilities.
    • Employees may be eligible for a promotion only after their first 90 days of employment.
  • If there is an opportunity for staff promotion or transition, supervisors and their candidates should work with the Operations team to document and formalize the intention to transition. Recommendations for promotion/transition should be shared in an all-staff internal email at the start of any internal hiring process*.*

Internal Hiring Process

  • Open positions should be emailed to staff by the Operations team. Internal postings are open for internal candidates for one week with an internal process that takes no longer than three weeks with consideration of staff time off and holidays.
    • Candidates being nominated for promotion/transition by supervisors should be clearly shared with staff at the start of the internal posting process.
    • Internal candidates interested in a posted role should share their interest in a position with a short paragraph email with the hiring manager and Operations staff (and others if desired).
    • Candidates are to be interviewed by the hiring committee before the position is posted publicly.
    • Interview questions are to be shared with candidates at least 24 hours prior to meeting.
    • The hiring manager should review relevant personnel documents and candidates should be interviewed by an internal hiring committee.
  • The hiring committee and hiring manager will either select the candidate for hire based on qualifications, leadership capacity and interview responses OR offer a written memo of constructive feedback on desired qualifications that will inform a conversation between the hiring manager and opportunities to grow professional skills in the candidate.