Community FAQs

A work-in-progress list…


Why join the RadHR community?

Being a member of the community means you can:

  • get notifications (for all discussions or specific policies or policy areas);
  • save policies and guides for future reference;
  • get help on something you’re working on;
  • request policies that you haven’t been able to find in the library;
  • join discussions about policies and related issues;
  • upload and share your organisation’s policies;
  • stay in touch with others who are working in similar ways.

In the future, joining will also allow you to manage and track policies that you’ve shared, as well as new features we haven’t even thought of yet.

What are you agreeing to by joining?

You are agreeing to be part of a community that is committed to changing the ways we organise! Practically, this means you’re agreeing to us sending you occasional emails to let you know what’s happening in the community (you can decide which ones!), other community members being able to send you messages to discuss your policies (you can decide how this happens, if at all) and to treat others on the forum with the kind of respect you’d hope to receive from them as well (even when you might have differences about what is or isn’t a radical way of framing an organisational expenses policy). Technically, this means you’re agreeing to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines. These are all in development, and we’re open to feedback about them.

What if I don’t feel safe sharing my details

We understand there are loads of reasons why you wouldn’t want to share personal details with us, or on any website. We promise we won’t share your details with anyone else. If you have any questions about privacy, have a look at our privacy policy, or get in touch. We’re happy to chat it through. Also, feel free to make up a name and give us an email address that doesn’t have your name in it. In general, of course, giving real names could help build connections, BUT we understand that this isn’t a safe option or doesn’t feel comfortable for some people, so we’re totally up for you doing what feels best for you.


How is the community moderated?

We want to maintain some community standards around how we all engage with this forum. We know these issues are close to home for a lot of us, and discussions around them can get heated. But we also reckon that members of this community are still keen to try to work from a baseline of mutual respect for one another. We probably haven’t ended up here if we haven’t been working to make these kinds of alternative policies and practices work in our groups. None of us have all the answers—to move towards the new understandings we’re seeking, we need each other. For information about this, read our full community guidelines and approach to moderation.


What do you do with my data?

We do collect data to help improve the website, and your experience, as well as send you emails (according to your preferences). We take privacy and security seriously and are working to maintain and improve our current practices. To read about how we use, protect, retain, and make available your data, read a summary in our Community Safety Practices & Recommendations, and more detail in our Privacy Policy.


What am I / are we agreeing to by uploading a policy?

You’re agreeing that any policies or discussions you share will be available to others to use to support their work in their own organisations. For more detail read the relevant section in our Privacy Policy

More coming soon…

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ask a question by replying below and we’ll respond and add the answer to this list. Thanks!