Can someone help with creating a data + privacy policy and implementing it?

I’m looking for support creating our date privacy policy.

My group/organisation focuses on supporting people with wealth to redistribute their resources to social movements. We are moving to a membership-based structure. We have 8 active members and/or staff and are looking to expand this next year. Our members are people wanting to undertake / currently undertaking political education to understand their wealth in order to redistribute it. Our annual turnover is 0-50k.

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Hey Katherine -
So we put this on social media and had some ideas back from the wider world:

Likely the most notable resource that was flagged was The Engine Room, which looks like an incredible set of resources, even if primarily from the USA. Also some individuals in the thread that might be worth checking in with?

Feel free to share whatever you come up with here!

Thanks for these! Will check them out.