Would you like to join the RadHR Sounding Board group?

Hey RadHR Community members!

Now that the site has been live for six months (!), we want to get a better sense of how it is and isn’t working for all of you. We also want to have some space to test new ideas out together and figure out if we should be doing things differently.

With this in mind, would any of you be keen to join our Sounding Board private forum channel? This would be a chance to see ‘under the hood’ of RadHR a bit more - to be involved in some of the discussions, debate and decisions that lead to the stuff you see here.

In terms of the asks, we think these are the kinds of things that will appear in the Sounding Board channel:

  • Feedback on potential major site changes (based on input from user testing and other info);
  • Evaluation of specific existing parts of the site;
  • Replies to other members of the Community Forum to help them access useful policies, personal reflections and wider relevant information;
  • Thoughts on internal questions we are struggling with, as a team (ie - ‘is X policy radical enough to upload?’ or ‘Is Y a fair way to express our beliefs about something, without being preachy/alienating?’)

We expect most of what’s involved in the Sounding Board will be small bits of feedback (short emails, looking over images or text, or maybe a quick phone call), but for more substantial requests (joining events or more indepth interviews), we will always try to offer honouriums to help cover people’s time.

If you’re interested, mosey on over to the private Sounding Board channel, via this link, and we will pick up these conversations there!

Hopefully see some of you in the group!

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Hey! I’m interested but not quite sure what my time will look like, or how helpful I can be :laughing:

I’d love to chat to you first - will send you a message.

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