Welcome! Introduce yourself…

Hi Juliette. Thanks for posting - so pleased to have you in the community! Would love to hear more about your work with democratic enterprises when you have time to share

Hello! I’m Kim Stiens, I’ve been doing nonprofit operations work in the US for around 10 years now. Right now, my day job is with a macroeconomic policy org called Employ America, and I do contract gigs with a couple smaller orgs as well (including a fantastic international legal empowerment group called Namati). I’ve worked in cannabis policy, media, management consulting, and fast food before all that (ask me what my last fast food job taught me about values!)

Right now I’m working with the fantastic folks at CANOE Collective to professionalize some of our ops at EA, and I’m finishing up a personal project - a Nonprofit Operations 101 training video. Excited to share here when it’s done!

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Welcome to the community, @kstiens!

I’ll go for the hook! What did your last fast food job teach you about values? (Am legit very curious!)

Also keen to see your Nonprofit Operations 101 video, when it’s ready!

Hey - I’m Laura - and I’m part of the yoga teachers union, IWGB and also work for a bike coop! Really excited to see all of these radical policies coming together in one place! This is an incredible resource. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Welcome @LauraH! Sounds like an interesting mix of groups, in terms of thinking about policies and processes in very different contexts! Are there any particular questions or themes you’re thinking about in any of these spaces right now?

Hello hello, I’m Doug :wave:

I got to hear about radHR from a friend who’s with the Free and Open-Source Content circle of Sociocracy for All. Amazing work you’ve done here so far, all of you!

I flirted with housing and workers coops when I was on the UK. In Germany I’ve been meandering through free software, decentralized tech, activisms and commons, eventually co-founding a house/center for people working towards the common good.

Governance, through the lense of the commons work done by Ostrom, has been a major topic for me. Seeing loads of groups struggling with the same stuff, a lot of repeated mistakes which don’t bring value… it’s a waste. A major cause seems to be the lack of published resources—something this project takes on! I was working on something to that end before I came across radHR, and I’m happy to share the prototype: https://collectivegovernance.directory/ Curious to know if/how to collaborate, whether radHR completely supercedes my idea, etc :handshake:


Hi there Doug,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to your message! Had a look at the centre you linked to and the collective governance directory. They look amazing. I don’t think RadHR supercedes your idea at all, I think the two sites could complement each other quite well. We’d be well up for a chat about potential ways of collaborating on collecting resources if you’re interested. Feel free to direct message me here or email me at kiran@radhr.org and we can sort something out


Hi all, I’m Faraz and I work in the People & Culture Team at the Southbank Centre in London. My role covers EDI, L&D, and Internal Comms but not so much the nitty-gritty of HR processes.

I found out about RadHR through a conversation I had at a Palestine March last weekend about how I’m struggling to see how to make radical change in my role. I’m currently working on an organisational values refresh, rolling out People Manager training, and our EDI workshop design. I’m hoping to get more involved in policies in my team and learn about examples of organisations that have UK policies that are still legally compliant but less hierarchical.

I’m very interested in democratic and decentralised structures, and how to make them work in paid employment. I’m happy to have found this site as everyone else who’s introduced themselves have given lots of resources for me to go and explore.

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Hi Faraz,

Thanks for introducing yourself - really glad to have you as part of the RadHR community. I can imagine it can be pretty frustrating, feeling like you can’t see how to create the sort of change you want to in your role, so yeah do please use the site and community to help you work stuff out.

Most of the orgs on here will probably be significantly smaller than the Southbank Centre, so some frameworks or structures might not be directly transferable. But there’ll probably be lots of stuff that’ll still be helpful in thinking about how to create meaningful shifts in who (and whose knowledge) is seen, heard and valued in the org.

Also wondered if you’d heard of the What If Experiment - they do great anti-racist work specifically in medium and large arts organisations…

Hello! I’m Shannon, Director of Operations at a mid-sized US nonprofit called Human Impact Partners. We focus on bringing public health into social justice movements; I am focused on the health of our 25 staff and of our org, to ensure we are effective at advancing health equity and racial justice. I heard about RadHR from an external colleague (I forget who) and then my teammate here also found you and just signed up for the upcoming conflict webinar.
I am here for examples of things we’re already doing/considering, to see if we can make them better, and for ideas for things we are not yet doing. Thanks for creating this website/community, I look forward to learning from one another!


Hello hello!

My name is Kim and I’m the Admin Director at The Management Center I’m going to be taking on more HR responsibilities and my supervisor directed me to RadHR to connect with other radical HR professionals who put their people first. Grateful to be part of this community!



My name is Veronica and I work at Headwaters Foundation for Justice in Minneapolis, MN. About 2.5 years ago we went through a major internal reckoning but that left in place to start rebuilding a libratory radical organization. We have been doing lots of dreaming but also lots on implementing. We truly are an organization that does some really cool things like unlimited PTO, all staff distributed decision making, phenomenal benefits (we are fortunate to have a very healthy budget).

I am leaning into a new role of People and Culture Manager which encompasses HR so looking to grow and learn from other like minded folx.


Hello! I’m Veronica - I’m part of the RadHR Core Team and am also co-leading on some of RadHR’s action research work with @kiran .

I realised that I’ve been around for a year(ish) now but actually never introduced myself here! So hi :wave:

In terms of what I’m working on / excited about at the moment, we are currently working on a project called ‘Beyond Policies’ - it’s about learning from informal, feminised practices of collective care in groups and organisations where many people have experienced marginalisation and the sharp end of power and inequality; and facilitating sharing and collective support between those groups in ways that feel helpful/appropriate to them.

We are trying to work iteratively and non-extractively as we can, and as part of this we’re sharing a survey to understand which, if any, of the proposed activities feel most useful.

If you or someone you know is keen to share your thoughts or participate in the project, please do fill out the survey!

Otherwise look forward to chatting to you all in the forum :dizzy:


Hi everyone.

My name is Kirrin (they/he). I am currently working at NEON (New Economy Organisers Network) part time. I used to be very involved in trans activism but took a few years break for my wellbeing, but I am now starting to get back involved with it.

I used to do a fair amount of work on trans inclusion policies in the workplace, but have really struggled to get jobs within operations or EDI teams and so am looking to do more policy work that is more generalised. From my experience working with young people, and from working in LGBT+ teams that were targets of online and printed media attacks Ive really seen the impact good vs bad policies have in terms of the impact on workers and the people we support.

Currently at work I have taken on extra duties to work on various policies including: safeguarding, social media and sick leave. I really want to approach policies from a perspective of using them to entrench workers rights into organisations, and provide structure for creating workplaces cultures based on restorative justice and anti-oppressive principles.