Wanna write a blog about making and enacting radical policies or processes

Hey RadHR Community!

Understanding the stories behind the documents is just as important as the policies themselves. Do you have any insights to share from your group’s experiments in trying to do things differently/live your values?

For example…

What was it like to develop a decision making process in your group that really made space for those who have often been more silenced?

Did your theory of equitable pay work out as you’d expected it to, or did it flag unexpected new challenges that you hadn’t thought about before?

Was it harder work than you thought it might be to bring everyone in your group onside with a new policy idea?

Did any radical-seeming policies or processes end up reinforcing existing hierarchies or inequalities? Or did any seemingly small changes end up really shifting power or allowing more people to become involved in your group?

We have a bit of money this year to share with people who want to tell their stories on the RadHR blog. Would you like to share yours? Do you know someone else who might?

If you’d like to share a story, email us at hello@radhr.org with a couple of lines about you and/or your group and we can take it from there.

We’re keen to make space for lots of people to share their stories so we’re making it as open as possible - you can write it out, or audio or video record it, or I can even interview you if that’s easiest.

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Hi there,

Would love to contribute….testing testing.


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Thanks Aaisha! Keen to hear about your ideas! Will send you a DM! Liam (for the RadHR team)