Trade Unions in non hierarchical orgs

Has anybody come across trade union organising or recognition examples in non hierarchical workplaces? Interested to find respurces or case studies and look at advabtages abd inconvenients. Thank you

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Suma Wholefoods have done a lot of thinking and exploring of the role and relationships of unions and union membership within worker co-ops that have non-traditional hierarchical structures over the years (Modern Slavery Statement - Suma Wholefoods - 3rd para) - might be worth looking them up?


Thanks! Ive dm them on Insta to ask

Hey Clara. Let know if you don’t hear anything back from them. Think @Abbie_PeopleSupport , knows people there and might be able to link you up…

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Hi, I was the Suma Personnel Officer who introduced the first union and then migrated to a more friendly one, BFAWU. I worked well with them for twenty years. They gave us lots of good advice about being a good employer. We said we were on the same side of the table most of the time and went to opposite sides when a member was in dispute. I’m happy to chat.

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Thanks Bob, that would be ace! my number is 07910097607 so drop me a message please. I am due to talk to the current BFAWU rep but would be great to also have an insight on how it all started. Thank you, Clara

thanks, yes I am in touch :grinning: Although it would be great to see if they are other organisations part of RadHR who recognise unions and learn about their approach. is that something you may be able to find out?