Things we're working on

There are things in the pipeline, here’s a kind of open roadmap / features coming…


  • Improving the “Discobot” tutorials and tailoring them more to what we’re doing.
  • Making it clearer that the user profile info is all optional
  • Bringing in a new improved Privacy Policy
  • Making the Terms of Service less awful
  • Adding a dark mode logo (waiting on software development)
  • About page navigation, making it responsive
  • Tidying up various aspects of the interface and design


  • Ability for users to add / edit / delete policies
  • Ability for users to suggest tags for policies and guides
  • Making the policy submission form more accessible (waiting on software development)
  • Click the document icon to copy the full policy
  • Consolidating the policy card style across the website
  • Improving the layout for mobile / desktop / wide desktop, making the contents sticky for the latter.
  • Add ARIA labels to mobile “Advanced Filters”


  • Dark mode
  • Improve local font loading
  • Version 2 of the Themes Guide, to add more interactivity
  • Improving print styles