Suggestions of HR platform

Hello everyone,
I HATE our current HR platform and would like us to move onto something more user friendly. It doesn’t have to be too powerful, what we need is a place to log leave and sickness (in days or hours) and a way of storing important documents for people. If you have any suggestions that would be really helpful!

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I’d also love to hear about HR platforms that folks can recommend. We have one via our HR advisers and it’s, frankly, dreadful! I probably want something with more functionality than Nina mentions, particularly rotas, overtime and TOIL. I would also really like it to handle varied leave years, ie different staff members having their annual leave year start on different dates. I’ve used this successfully in the past to help avoid the rush to use up leave near year end but the current system can’t handle it.

We use BreatheHR and have had no issues so far from my understanding. BreatheHR can do rotas, TOIl (though once logged, it is added to annual leave) and we dont have the highest plan. So worth looking into.