Resources for rad treasurers?

Hi everyone,

While this doesn’t quite come into HR, finance and governance do sit within operations so hopefully it’s still relevant to the community.

The difficulty of finding a board treasurer had been a common experience of groups and charities I’ve been involved with. Has anyone got any tips for where the anti-capitalist accountants hang out? I’m being flippant but I’d love to know if there was a community of people with finance skills, who share the values of this community.

Related to this difficulty - I’ve volunteered to be the treasurer for People & Planet and am looking to upskill myself to be able to perform this role well. I’ve got finance experience from an staff/operations perspective (preparing management accounts, budgets, reports to funders etc.) but am struggling to find resources aimed at treasurers committed to radical and anti-oppressive approaches.

Are there any other treasurers here? Does anyone having any suggestions for building the finance skills necessary to support radical groups, without bringing in unnecessarily corporate or competition-based language or models?


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Hi Kate,

I know what you mean RE scant guidance for treasurers. I got my start as a branch treasurer of the IWW (an anti capitalist union). Basically no-one else in the branch wanted to be the treasurer. I then “accidentally” ended up becoming the treasurer for the union as a whole and then paid finance admin. Then I joined an accoutancy co-operative ( where we took on the full service incl accounts, audit etc. I now do a lot of varied work for lots of orgs. Amongst all that I’ve done some quals and now about halfway through becoming a chartered accountant. All because no-one else put their hand up to be treasurer. :melting_face:

In terms of building skills - I think experiential learning is number one and it sounds like you’ve some mint experience under your belt. I think you’re right that there isn’t any prominent resource aimed at our type of folk. Maybe this ace forum needs a rad treasurers section!

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Thanks Jed, and that’s exactly it - I volunteered as nobody wanted to be. Though I do find the money side interesting! Third Sector Accountancy looks great, I will take a look at the site. Your point re experiential learning is reassuring. I think perhaps my unease is about a lack of confidence as much as skill, but want to make sure there’s nothing I’m missing, and also to connect with people trying to do similar things (so hi :wave:)

Nice one Kate, the organisations you work with look amazing. Great to meet you :wave: