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Hey everyone,

We’re currently developing our equitable recruitment policy and practice framework.
Can anyone recommend recruitment software that anonymises candidates? And that is affordable for a small charity?

Many thanks,

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Hi Amira

Not quite what you’ve asked for but I have now run a few rounds of recruitment using a word doc application form set up to separate information most likely to be trigger (if that’s the right word?) unconscious bias while shortlisting. It relies on having someone who can receive the forms and do the separation before passing on to shortlisters, but we managed that at my old place by involving a board member.

I’m actually recruiting now so you can see the form we’re using here: Join the staff team. You can download as an editable word doc and are very welcome to copy as much as is useful.

The context for my use of a word doc in this way is that (a) I don’t want to pay for anything I don’t have to and (b) I have personally often found online application processes to be quite glitchy. Obviously some people might struggle with a word doc, but we use microsoft office so at least any technical challenges are relevant to candidate’s ability to do the job.

Hope that’s of some help, even if you prefer to go with a full software solution.

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Hi Amira,

Charity jobs offer a service to anonymise applications, although it can be pricey to advertise with them. In a previous role, our document management software was able to produce a system to anonymise applications too. Previous to this, it was manually redacting applications which is extremely time consuming!

Hope you find an affordable solution!


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