RadHR Lunch Meet #6 - Tues 6 February, 1-2pm UK time

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/radhr-lunch-meet-6-tickets-795190475117

Feeling like you’re the only person in the world agonising about how to create grievance procedures that don’t blame or shame, or safeguarding processes that actually make people feel safe? Does it seem like your group is alone in struggling to find ways to truly make decisions democratically, or to ‘get the work done’ in situations where members are facing all kinds of oppression and barely managing to make ends meet? Wish you could share the struggles (and the joys) of creating ‘radical HR’ with people who ‘get it’? Now you can! This is what RadHR Lunch Meets are all about! After lots of positive feedback on our first series of events in 2023, we’ve decided to keep it going, with a few little tweaks to the format.

RadHR Lunch Meets will continue every 2 months (first Tuesday of the month, 1-2pm, UK time!). They are a lowkey way to meet others who are struggling with the kinds of internal policy, process and group dynamics things that you probably are in your collective, community organisation, or co-op. We provide the meeting link (and breakout groups, as needed), everyone builds the agenda together, based on the issues that feel most relevant. We don’t have to figure these things out by ourselves!

If you have a particular idea you’d like to discuss, let us know in advance if you can!

The dates for the rest of 2024 are:

  • Tues 2 April
  • Tues 4 June
  • Tues 6 August
  • Tues 1 October
  • Tues 3 December