RadHR Lunch Meet #3

Feeling alone with your massive (digital) pile of work-in-progress alternatives to standard organisational policies and processes?

Join the next RadHR Lunch Meet, Weds 2 August, 1-2pm UK time! We can do this work together!

If you have a particular idea you’d like to discuss, let us know in advance if you can!

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Once again, I joined the lunch meet late and feeling harrassed as my previous meeting had massively over-run. And, once again, the lunch meet was exactly what i needed!!

I put a question in about where best to start when aiming to “radicalise” a set of very standard HR policies. I got some incredibly useful input and am going to follow the suggestion of starting with culture so that we’re establishing the values that everything else should be measured against. Also hoping to look at the salary structure (which is hierarchical and currently linked to external scales) from a perspective of ratios, ie what difference between the highest and lowest paid people is right for this organisation.

Lots to do but it feels so much better to start doing it with this lovely community of support - go team RadHR :slight_smile:


So great to hear, Liz! Will be interested to see the journey unfold at your new organisation! Not sure if there are any pay policies in the library based on ratios between highest:lowest paid, so would be great to see where you get to with it. And any reflections on the processes around culture would definitely be of interest to loads of us in the community, I’m sure!

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