Race - say it loud

I searched “Black” on this site and there were no results. How does race impact our practices around human resources, at the leadership level and beyond?

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for pointing this out. We really appreciate it. And to be honest, my main response is fair enough - we’re almost definitely not doing well enough in terms of really centring how race impacts on our human resources practices. And, yeah, any thoughts on how/where we could discuss this more prominently on the site would be really valued.

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Just to add on to the last message, would also be really interested in yours (and other members’) views on how race impacts human resources. Think it would be useful to share understandings and experiences here

Hi there!
I’d also like to dive deeper into this topic.
I just discovered this website https://antiracisthr.guide/. I think it’s American. I wonder if something similar exists from close(r) to home.