Policy Upload Party, tomorrow 4.30pm!

Sorry for the late notice, we thought we’d posted this already, but tomorrow won’t be the last of these!

Struggling to get your rad internal policy or process uploaded to the RadHR Library? Drop in for some collective support to make it happen!

Sign-up here.

After informal chats with many of you, we’ve discovered - to our horror - that uploading your internal policies and processes to the RadHR Library isn’t actually the most pressing thing on most of your To Do lists! Once we’d got over the shock of this, we thought we might be able to make it easier for members of the community to contribute work and wisdom to the Library.

Introducing the first RadHR Policy Upload Party, 4:30-6pm (UK) on Tuesday 18 July (tomorrow)! It’s not really a party, but it is a drop-in Zoom Room with other people who want to share their internal group learning with a wider community! Could it be for you???

  • Would having a deadline help your group to finally sign-off the docs you have been waiting to upload?
  • Are you unsure if that document about your group’s approach to handling conflict or peer management is ‘an actual policy’ and would appreciate others to go through it with you?
  • Does knowing there are others working on the same boring administrative task, at the same time, provide a weird kind of motivation to get on with it???

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, sign up and drop in tomorrow! Let’s see how many new radical, alternative, progressive or anti-oppressive policies and processes we can get added to the library next week!

Sign-up here.

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