Managing conflict and learning from it

It would be interesting to hear whether other orgs had experience of learning and growing from conflict in the early stages of their organising efforts? Thinking about what we can learn from rupture/repair.


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Definitely keen to hear about this as well! I find with most conflict-related questions, there are approaches that are either really focused on the individuals (looking at what are the underpinning interests/needs that each person is failing to have met in a conflict), or those that look at macro-systems of power (understanding conflict as a way that wider power dynamics are playing out, interpersonally). Both are super-useful and important, but often feel insufficient when I’ve seen them used without space for the other lens.

In the meantime, there are likely some elements of what you’re describing in some of the conflict-related policies in the library already. Have you had a chance to check any of these to see if they offer any structures or processes for this kind of learning? Policy Library | RadHR