Making sure openness/transparency doesn't feel shaming/exposing

Hi all! This is a brilliant and much needed initiative - THANK YOU. I have many questions and challenges to share and discuss, so I thought I would try opening up a conversation :slight_smile:

One challenge we came up against a lot was our collective and transparent processes (e.g. around budgeting or accountability) feeling distressing, particularly to our members who already feel monitored because State institutions force them to share loads of personal information (to get social security at the jobcentre, or asylum status through home office). People spoke about how exposing and shaming that can feel, and how they avoid anything that reminds them of it (even ‘benign’ things like accessing children’s centres).

For fair budgeting processes (like trying to implement a wage structure that reflects people’s needs) or accountability processes and good mutual support we need to understand each others contexts … but (and this is my question for the forum please :pray:) how do we stop this feeling like another violation of people’s right to be private about their personal and financial situations?

Especially in groups (like ours) where members have very different economic and social circumstances. I think the risk of feeling exposed (again) is a serious source of anxiety for people and therefore a massive barrier for a lot of people to get involved with non-hierarchical groups using transparent, collective processes. Basically openness and transparency feels different for different people.
Sorry that was long! I am grateful for any thoughts/advice !:facepunch: