Looking for some Payroll Consultancy

We are looking for support to deal with a particular PAYE issue.

We paid one of our employees early for Christmas on the 20th instead of the usual date of 28th. This meant that they did not receive their Universal Credit at the end of December because they had 2 payments in the same period.

We then researched why this happened online and realised that there are special rules about running payroll in December and we should have recorded the pay date as the 28th even though the payment was made earlier. This would have avoided any issues with UC.

We called the support line of our payroll software (Freeagent) and they advised us that they couldn’t edit the date. They advised us to submit a correction using the the PAYE basic tools, which we did. This didn’t seem to work as it is now showing on the employees personal HMRC record that they were paid on the 20th and 28th of December which is an even worse situation because they are on an ESA permitted scheme.

Freeagent have since got back to use saying that they have now managed to change the date on the payroll record.

We called HMRC’s employers helpline and they said we need to submit another correction through the basic tools to cancel out the previous correction through basic tools, but we are finding that software very hard to use and we are worried about making the situation even more complicated by submitting further corrections.

We are looking for someone who has experience of correcting errors in PAYE records. The work would entail correcting this specific issue. We need to sort it out as soon as possible.

Please contact info@rhyzemushrooms.org