Leave, of all kinds!

I am reworking our leave policies and procedures and would like to know what practices others follow in a few areas:
Do you include going to one off medical appointments in paid sick leave allowances?
Do you include ongoing/regular medical appointments in paid sick leave allowance?
How much paid carer’s leave is standard?
How much paid compassionate leave is standard?

I realise that these are difficult things to standardise, but it would be really useful to understand what you all consider best practice!
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for posting, @Nina_Feldman!
The two policies in the library that come to mind as setting quite a high bar on different types of leave are:

And here’s a list that will include a range of leave-related policies: Policy Library | RadHR

Might be worth checking a couple of our guides as well? (The holiday and sickness ones are likely most relevant).

Have another family policy that I realise we hadn’t uploaded yet, but will do so today and share it here!