Leave, of all kinds!

I am reworking our leave policies and procedures and would like to know what practices others follow in a few areas:
Do you include going to one off medical appointments in paid sick leave allowances?
Do you include ongoing/regular medical appointments in paid sick leave allowance?
How much paid carer’s leave is standard?
How much paid compassionate leave is standard?

I realise that these are difficult things to standardise, but it would be really useful to understand what you all consider best practice!
Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for posting, @Nina_Feldman!
The two policies in the library that come to mind as setting quite a high bar on different types of leave are:

And here’s a list that will include a range of leave-related policies: Policy Library | RadHR

Might be worth checking a couple of our guides as well? (The holiday and sickness ones are likely most relevant).

Have another family policy that I realise we hadn’t uploaded yet, but will do so today and share it here!

Thanks so much, these policies have been very helpful. As always, I go into re-writing policies thinking there is a specific answer to what is best, but need to work that out for us, in our context!

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Hi Nina,
I do exactly the same thing with these - think there is an exact right answer, and then realise that it’s always context dependent!
Having said that, would be great if you were up for sharing what you come up with in our Policy Library - even if it’s not perfect. Particularly interested in learning from what you come up with around paid carer’s leave and paid compassionate leave…

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Yeah, totally relatable, @Nina_Feldman! Even when we’ve been working on our own RadHR policies, we still have moments of thinking ‘we’ll just redraft something from the library!’ but end up asking a bunch of deep questions first, before we can even agree which policies we’re looking at!

Here’s the other family policy I mentioned, now that it’s uploaded to the library. It’s a good one for recognising the range of formats families can take (and the kinds of leave that can be applied to several variations): Family friendly umbrella policy | RadHR

Also keen to see what you come up with, if you feel like sharing?