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Hey! This is mostly a practice post, sorry if its annoying or in the wrong place!

I just wanted to add two things that I am finding hard in terms of navigation - how do we access the Community part of the website from the main page? (Maybe its in beta and not available for the public yet?) and also - once I am there, how do I find where to edit my profile? I got there in the end but only through a ‘useful next steps’ list rather than knowing how I would find it again.

ALSO: It was such a godsend to find Platform’s Socially Just Wages System policy just now - it couldn’t have been more timely! I felt an urge to click it or like it or collect it with all my favourite policies - kind of pinterest style… is that weird? Is there a way to collect useful policies that you want to come back to? Or at least give them a thumbs up / some appreciation? NB. I don’t think this is in any way essential and I am realising how conditioned I am by social media as I write this…

OK thanks for listening, and PS, I am so loving this website, and have heard lots of appreciation for this work from good people, so big ups to you!



Hey Lita. Thanks for the feedback and so glad you’re into it! As the site is currently in beta, there isn’t a direct way to navigate to the community forum yet, but that will change in the next couple of weeks and they will be more integrated so anyone can get to the forum from the main page :slight_smile:

In terms of editing the profile (this is definitely something we can make easier!), if you click:

  1. your avatar pic in the top right hand corner (when logged in)
  2. the ‘preferences’ tab on the right of the dropdown menu (with the little person icon)
  3. the ‘preferences’ heading that drops down from there (this one has a ‘gear’ icon)
  4. ‘Profile’ in the lefthand column that comes up when the ‘preferences’ page loads

Sorry it’s a bit complicated still! Definitely one we’ll work on!

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