Hardship fund

My organisation is looking to create a budget for a hardship fund e.g if someone needs emergency housing

Has anyone got experience with creating a fund such as this?

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Hey Rosanna! Welcome and thanks for posting this!

There is a section in Platform’s Socially Just Waging System called ‘Emergency Fund’, in case that’s of use? Socially just waging system | RadHR

I think there might be other versions that have been derived from this floating around too… will ask a couple people!

Thank you!

Reading Platform’s Emergency Fund it seems they make a distinction between an emergency fund and a hardship fund, but they don’t describe what a hardship fund is so any more info on this would be great!

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Ah fair point! Not sure if anyone from Platform is actually on the forum or not… but do know that Public Interest Research Centre did an adaptation of that policy… not sure if @rich has a sense of what was done in the adapted version, from his time there or not???

Have also messaged a former colleague who I know was working on one of these a couple of years ago…

I think they’re the same thing, but I don’t have lots of experience of how other hardship funds work, maybe others do?

I’ve just uploaded the PIRC socially just pay policy to the policy library, it’s an adaptation of the Platform policy with lots of changes in some places. However, the emergency fund section is quite similar, including the strange healthcare framing at the start, which I’m not sure helps clarify the purpose of the fund and should really be later in the section. Anyway, there is a little more on process (for a charity) so that might be helpful?

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