Get paid to help improve the RadHR website

We are carrying out research to see whether the RadHR website works well for everyone and we need some people to help us!

We’re looking for both people that have used the website before and those that haven’t, we’re looking for a mix of type of people, including different levels of technical skills and different access needs.

We will be testing the website, not you, so you can’t do anything wrong!

It will be a remote video session of no more than an hour. It will involve you doing stuff on the RadHR website while thinking out loud! The session will recorded, with the recording only used for internal purposes to improve the website.

We pay £50 for the session by bank transfer or cash.

We have about 20 sessions to do for the rest of this year, so we can’t guarantee you’ll be selected, but if you’re interested, or know anyone who would be interested, click the link below to fill in the short form.

Any questions, reply below!

We have over 200 new members since we posted about this a year ago, so I’m just bumping in case it’s of interest to any of you → Get paid to help us improve the website and forum during one of our regular usability tests, £50 for an hour. Register here. Thanks!