Different name for 'disciplinary process'?

Hi all,
I’m working on a radical disciplinary process for my coop and i wondered if anyone has ideas for another name for such a process that doesn’t have strong connotations of the punitive system?
The process is the highest-threshold stage in our conflict system, with dismissal as last resort option after opportunities to work on the issues etc.
Suggestions appreciated!

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Hi! Accountability process?


Thanks for the question olga, it’s a good one. Think accountability can be a good way to go, as Steph says. I’ve used ‘serious incident procedure’ before, for a policy that applied to situations when the group felt people’s safety was threatened

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Belated thanks for your suggestions!

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Hi Olga, DPs are described as behaviour modification procedures. Getting employees to change their behaviour until it becomes clear they won’t/can’t, with the proviso that if they do something that ‘destroys the relationship’ such that you can never trust them again it’s goodbye, Gross Misconduct and dismissal wihtout notice. That varies, as it does in any relationship. One partner might tolerate infidelity in a marriage while another would be devastated. Swearing in a foundry is traditionally more tolerable than in a doctors surgery (legally yes, case law).
We had a larlegy unspoken behaviours agreement at Suma which I tried to formalise in a behaviour contract for members to sign. To make it easier to see unwanted behaviour. But that was deemed to be too weird. I think it is still a good starting point. An agreed list of ‘I will…’ statements. (Including ‘I will forgive minor transgressions as I expect others to forgive mine’ - theres a reason that statement is in a key Christian prayer!). Which is signed and can be used at review/appraisal as an aide memoire for the normative bit (how well are you fitting into your teams).
Obvs if people continue to transgress or do something that is more serious, counselling and warnings of what will happen if no change, which fit the legal reqs of a DP happen.
Because we wanted people to use their initiative much more than most jobs, everyone had a lot of personal freedom in how to do the work as long as it got done. So we had to get behaviours into a broad but ecceptable current with clear boundaries beyond which was unwanted behaviours. We had someone who conformed to the ‘I will communicate openly and honestly.’ promise too well, so it got changed to ‘openly, honestly and respectfully.’ For example.
To do any of this you need functional authority given by the organisation to do the job. Otherwise youre using your charisma authority ie powers of persuasion, which is a)exhausting and b) doomed to failure. Ive been there.
happy to help more if we could communicate directly.
Bob Cannell
retired Personnel Suma