A decision making policy for a migrant-led voluntary group with over 100 active members. Includes: principles, outline of consensus process, which decisions can be made by which groups or individuals, what to about decisions where it is unclear who should make them, and a decision record keeping template.

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Just wanted to say, I found this policy/process super helpful for thinking about how to makes sure decision-making is really shared - especially across lines of power and privilege. The ‘principles’ section and the tips for enacting these I found particularly useful. I was just wondering if you had any reflections on how these worked in practice, and anything new you’ve learned from the implementation of them? Also, I was wondering how you balance wanting to make sure that you do thorough, consensus-based decision-making with the fact that (I’m guessing) many of your members probably don’t have loads of free time or headspace. At Skills Network we found this a constant dilemma over years - and worried that the fact that our decision-making processes took so long meant that only the most privileged members (with the most time and headspace) were able to engage. Have you found this and have you found any ways round it? (Anyone else reading this, not just the group who posted the policy, would be really interested in any thoughts/experiences you have around this)

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